Valencia Tourist Highlights

Valencia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain since it has a rather unique combination of historical tourist attractions and world class beaches. For the third largest city in Spain, Valencia is surprisingly compact, it really doesn't feel like the big city that it actually is. Getting to and from Valencia is fairly simple as it has a major airport with regular flights from most other European countries.

Valencia is famous for it's festivals which are frequently highlights for tourists. Festivals occur almost year round however most occur in the spring. The biggest festival is carnival which occurs in February and attracts many visitors to the area. Other major festivals include Las Fallas in March and Corpus Christi in June. There is also a major festival at Easter. There are also major festivals in some nearby towns, like the famous tomato fights in Bunol and the fireworks in Paterna.

There are several outstanding museums in Valencia including the museums of natural history and the museum of prehistory and archaeology. Other sites worth visiting include the Valencia City of Arts and Science and the Oceanography Park which includes an artificial marine world.

Valencia Tourism

One of the best reasons to visit Valencia is for the beaches, which are some of the finest in the world. Anywhere that there are beaches you will find water sports and this is true of Valencia. Swimming, sailing, surfing and diving are all popular activities that can done while visiting. The region is also the jumping off point for most people heading to the Balearic islands. These islands which include the world famous Ibiza are some of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean.

Like most cities in Europe Valencia has more than it's share of history and this is best seen in the Old Quarter. Other historical highlights include the old sea bridge of Lonja Puente del Mar and the cities main port. The area around the city also contains some old Roman ruins that are worth visiting.

There is a reason that Valencia is such a popular tourist destination, it has something for everybody. If you are into arts and culture there are outstanding museums. If you would rather spend your day on the beach there are plenty of those. Combine this with friendly people and nice warm weather and there are plenty of highlights to make Valencia worth a visit. But if you need more of reason lets not forget the festivals for which the city is world famous. The locals know how to throw a party and they do it on a regular basis.